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Cosmic Heart Arts

Agate and Turquoise Cosmic Cuff

Agate and Turquoise Cosmic Cuff

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Constructed with two 6g half round wires. Hand stamped and hand fabricated. .925 sterling silver. Bezel around bottom agate is missing two "claws". Does not affect the setting or wearability of the piece. Handmade, meaning slight imperfections :) Price reflects this.  Size S/M

S/M is recommended for wrists with a 6.25 - 6.75” circumference (5.5” wire length)


Cuffs are the C shaped bracelets, worn snug on the wrist usually with an opening on the underside. Cuff sizing is a little less precise than ring sizing. Because cuffs are slightly adjustable (have to be to put them on and off) the sizing is a less defined.

Your wrist circumference is the biggest factor in picking the right size. However, your wrist shape and personal preference also play a role. I have a 6” wrist and usually wear a XS size but sometimes wear a S/M depending on the style (or my preference that day).

Cuffs are meant to be open and closed very slightly. The best way to get the cuff on and off the wrist is to go the the side of the wrist (most narrow point). When putting the cuff on gently tighten the cuff with a little squeeze. Please be cautious to over work the cuff or open and close it more than needed.

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