Sound Baths

A Sound Bath is a deeply-immersive, full-body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to invite gentle, yet powerful, therapeutic and restorative processes to NURTURE YOUR MIND,BODY, and SPIRIT.

We begin our time together with a few minutes of intention setting, self reflection, and guided breath, while the remainder of the experience is filled with different sounds and frequencies being introduced in succession. The sounds are created by a variety of overtone-emitting instruments including chimes, gong, shruti box, Quartz crystal singing bowls, and voice. 

When you sink into a Sound Bath and guide your awareness to your listening, you allow your brain waves to slow, shifting from a more active state to a deeply relaxed, dreamlike state. This is the art and practice of deep listening.

The sounds introduced during a Sound Bath are an invitation into a deeper state of consciousness, an opportunity to unplug from external stimuli and to gain perspective on what’s going on within you.  The goal of the experience is to invite deep rest and relaxation, and explore self-inquiry and self-discovery.


Upcoming Sound Baths:
All Sound Baths are held at the Art Lab from 7:30pm - 9pm on the first Wednesday of every month for 2024. All are free to attend and open to the community. We do have a capacity of 40, so please be sure to register using the links below!
  • April 3rd at the Art Lab, 239 Linden St. , Fort Collins
  • May 1st at the Art Lab, 239 Linden St. , Fort Collins
  • June 5th at the Art Lab, 239 Linden St. , Fort Collins
  • July 3rd at the Art Lab, 239 Linden St. , Fort Collins

Interested in hosting a Sound Bath?

I offer sound baths publicly and privately. Please reach out to me via my contact page to inquire about hosting a sound bath.